~the angel guarding paradise at night~


Name: Fujimiya Ran
Alias: Abyssinian
Birthday: July 4
Age: 20
Height: 178 cm. or 5' 8"
Blood Type: A
Flower: Rose
Weapon: Katana

Aya's history was a mystery for the first half of the series, for his past and connection to Takatori Reiji was revealed very slowly throughout that time. He joined Weiss for revenge- revenge for his murdered family, and his sister Aya, who remained in a coma after a car accident. His parents were bankers that may have known too much about Takatori Reiji's crimes, so he used them as a scapegoat and had them killed in a seeming suicide while Ran and Aya were away. The kids returned just in time to see their house explode, and the man responsible for it trying to escape... However, Ran and Aya were witnesses, so Takatori ordered his driver to run them over. Aya was badly injured, and fell into a coma, but Ran was saved by a mysterious man, who turned out to be Takatori Reiji's brother, Takatori Shuuichi, that convinced Takatori to leave. Aya was in a deep coma, and it seemed that she would never stir... so Ran decided to get revenge upon those who committed these crimes, and took his sister's name as a reminder during his quest for vengeance.

Aya postcard!

Aya flicking his sword out of its sheath Aya slicing up a killer in ep. 1

Aya against the night sky Aya being presented with katakuri

Aya commercial scene!

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