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Hello and welcome to this little website I created in order to show off my glamour shots! These were taken in July of 1999, while I was studying abroad in Taiwan. I had these pictures taken with my friends and roommates, and it was about twelve hours before we finished- it was quite a busy day! We had started at 11 AM, and didn't get home until after 11 PM (which was an hour after curfew, but we were excused due to unforeseen circumstances. ^_^

The glamour shots consisted of many shots, taken with both color and black-and-white film. These were eventually developed and given to us, so that we could decide which pictures to put in the special hardcover photo album. I chose thirty-two of my favorite pictures, (thirty inside, two for the covers) which they took and made into the album scanned here now. I also have the other proofs, but since that would take quite a while to scan, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for me to put it up here. Unfortunately, we found that re-developing the negatives didn't seem to be enough to get the same pictures as our proofs- black-and-white became brown and white, intense rosy violet lights became very light pink. Maybe if I have the time and inclination later on, I'll scan two versions of the same picture and put them up for comparison.

Anyway, use the menu to the left to navigate through the frames. Feel free to download the pictures or give this address out to anyone you'd like- although, I *really* hope none of these end up on any porn sites, 'cause then I would be very disturbed. ^^;; If you'd like to e-mail me, drop me a note at Chereth@shadow-phoenix.net. Enjoy!

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