Punam's Photo Album

Hello! This is a little photo album with all the pictures I just scanned.

Cathy, Cheryl, and Punam!This is a picture of me with Cathy and Cheryl. We're in their room.
Cheryl and SaraA picture of Cheryl (above) and Sara (below).
Cathy, Denise and JayneA picture of Cathy, Denise, and Jayne before Christmas. They're not drunk, they're just a bit too happy right now! Those are Cathy's paintings on the wall, too.
Cheryl's froggie!This's Cheryl's frog, which always seems to be doing something. (Like holding a banana, or sitting cross-legged, or other strange poses...)
Cheryl and her friend Grace.This is Cheryl and one of her friends from high school, Grace. Well, it's actually a friend's friend. Close enough.
Punam and her racoonMe after getting my first Christmas present. Look, it's my raccoon!
Punam and SaraSara and I standing in the hall (with my Christmas present). This was taken just before te picture of Cathy, Denise, and Jayne (a few pictures above)
Punam and Sara again!Sara and I standing in Cheryl and Cathy's room. Everyone seems to gather there a lot. Cheryl took this picture from her bed.
SnowmanThe Trelease 1 snowman! Our decorations were kind of old, so we decided to fix our one-legged snowman by giving him a cast and crutches. (Sara's idea) He's now a representative of S.M.A.D.D. (see the sign in the lower left corner?), or Snow Men Against Drunk Driving.
The end!Cheryl's froggie again, with the message on Sara's foot- The End!

Created 2/8/01. Please don't copy and post these pictures somewhere else without telling us. It's scary enough finding ourselves here right now! ^_~