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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
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This is my shrine to Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.... I became obsessed with KKJ after seeing the episodes from Sachi's Distribution. I haven't read the manga yet, but I'm planning to, so most of this page is anime-based with references to the manga whenever needed. Oh yeah, this is the *non-spoiler* version of the page, so things aren't as detailed as they could be... non-spoiler meaning that it's a page for people who haven't seen the series or have only seen the first few volumes until maybe the third volume. If you'd like to see the *spoiler* version of the page (ie., the page for everyone and anyone- except maybe newbies!) then click here. (It'll probably be updated more often, as well!)

Note: Since I created the spoiler version of the page first, then I might cross over some links by accident- so you might find yourself looking at a whole lot more than you expected! I suggest using the "back" button whenever possible, and if I have it, use the "to the non-spoiler index" link if it's on that page. ^_^ Just trying to be helpful!

Oh yeah, if you want to link my page, go right ahead- please link to this address: (you can use my banner, too- it shows up on most of my other non-KKJ pages. I'll put up a better page explaining this all later.). That link'll automatically take you to my spoiler-version page, but there's a big warning on it, and besides, I might make that page into a "gateway" of sorts, so people can decide where to go.

^_^ I almost changed the name of this site, but then I got an e-mail from the owner of Stolen Hearts saying it was okay. \^O^/ Wai! Wai! Now I can keep my name! Anyway, to clear up any confusion, our pages are pretty different, so I hope there isn't too much confusion caused by the names! I'd suggest visiting her page, it's quite nice. ^_^

Stolen Hearts

I scanned a lot of pictures myself (from the artbook, cards, CD, etc.) but I also borrowed quite a few manga pictures from Divine Wind, an excellent image gallery. I've marked every pic I borrowed from there (hold your mouse over it)- and please visit that site to get these pictures, the author of the page went through a lot of trouble to scan all of those, and it's only right that that person gets credit for all of it! ^_^ Arigato!

Divine Wind Image Gallery.

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~_~;; Still having e-mail issues... I say issues 'cause if it's not me being unable to get e-mails (Outlook is having issues) then it's because I've been on the move so much that they're piling up... and a couple have been lost in the abyss already ^^;; If you've sent me something important and I haven't answered for a week or so, feel free to e-mail me again! Big apologies go to everyone who's written me in the last few months!! The other thing is that I've been really busy lately... if it's not school, or family, it's other commitments... *sigh* But I haven't given up on my pages or anything! I'll try to get a *real* update in soon, promise! ^^;;

Haven't really done much for the non-spoiler section in a while yet, have I? I'll work on that... I don't really have any ideas right now, though. Oh well! I'll get more done when I have time. For now, just made some cosmetic changes here and there. Ja!

Currently, a * means that the page isn't finished. (Only has images/links belonging to that character) No link means that it isn't even remotely started. ^_~

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