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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Kusakabe Maron ~ Kaitou Jeanne

Jeanne, as if drawn by an airbrush

Maron is your average high school (?) girl- good student, active in gymnastics, etc. But one day she was approached by an angel, Fin, who told her she was the reincarnation of Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), and that she was the only one with the ability to seal demons and save everyone's souls from the Devil.

Needless to say, Maron didn't believe her.

Jeanne, drawn manga-style But Fin convinced her to use her rosary and transform into Kaitou Jeanne- a thief who was sent by God to "steal" items. In actuality, she was only sealing demons, but since the item usually disappeared afterwards, then it was sort of stealing. Fin would send a notice to the owner of the object- after all, if she didn't, she'd just be an ordinary thief! And Jeanne would outwit and outrun the police, throw a white pin at the target, "checkmating" the demon, then make her escape.

Maron in a wreath of flowers Maron meets Chiaki in the first episode- he lives next door to her, in the same apartment buidling, so even though she gets really annoyed by him, there's no escaping him. And it doesn't help that Miyako, her best friend, is in love with him. But Maron? She always denied any feelings for him, but there are a few times when she does admit to herself that he isn't *that* bad. *grins*

Maron lives alone in her apartment- her parents were consumed by work, and had to travel abroad in order to do so. Maron had been left behind when she was 10, although they still provide for her by sending her money and stuff. She always checks her mail, hoping that she will receive just one letter from them- something that shows their love.

Maron has every reason to be sad/depressed, but on the contrary, she's usually quite cheerful and energetic! It's part of this phrase she says to herself when she needs courage, or transforming into Jeanne- "Strong and Serious... Matchless and Marvelous... Energetic and Courageous!" Her friends admire her for her cheeriness and determination.

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