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In case, for some reason or another, you wanted to know how I wrote up these episodes... well, here's a little explanation, including pictures! (you can tell I was avoiding doing some real work this time around...) Actually, it's also semi-"proof" that I really did write up these episodes... and I also wanted to rant about how one should not write episodes while recording. ~_~* So what do you get when you combine Cheryl's boredom, some insanity, a scanner, and a bunch of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne episode notes? This page! ^_^

  1. How I start writing episode notes?
    Well, for starters... watching the episodes helps. ^^;; Okay, I know that's not too helpful. I curl up on my bed in front of the TV with a notebook and pencil, put in a tape and hit "Play". I'm very sure to keep the remote nearby, because there are always times when I need to pause and catch up, before I miss out on part of a scene. And it is NOT a good idea to not pause at all!! (ie, if you're copying the tape and taking notes...) I did that a little while ago- I figured I could handle it, because in high school, college, etc. you need to learn how to do those sort of things and only take down the "important" notes. Well, as far as I'm concerned, *everything's* important. So I was suffering from writing cramps, panic, and near-heart failure by the time I finished half a tape (two episodes)! If you'd like to see the difference in my writing at these two times, see the pictures below!

    Example #1: notes for ep. 3.  Fairly clear.

    Example #1: notes for ep. 3. Fairly clear (for me).

    Example #2: notes for ep. 30.  Not so clear.

    Example #2: notes for ep. 30. Not so clear. ~_~;;

  2. Then what?
    Well, usually I head over to my computer and type them up. ^^;; Well, sometimes I have to go back over my notes first. If they're anything like example #2 over there, then I *definitely* have to go back over them. Usually I write in little details that I remembered, or corrections I missed, and then get on with writing the episode. Most of the time I use the same words I used in the notes- after all, it's been processed once already, why re-digest it all? Then I usually re-read what I've written to make sure it sounds like what was going on in an episode. I can tell what happens in an episode, but it might not capture everything- the video, the words, the tone of voice, etc. So sometimes I edit things a bit.

  3. Is that it?!
    Well, writing episodes isn't *that* hard! Usually after that, I'd just upload the episode, make sure it's linked properly, and then check my page counter obsessively to see if anyone's come to see it. ^^;; Since I have some more pics and the cards from the episodes to work with, I also go through those to see if there are any interesting ones to toss in. After all, a few visuals can't hurt, can they? And well, after that- well, not much else to do afterwards, so I relax and hope I don't have to write another one too soon! ^^;; Just kidding- I do enjoy working on the episodes- but usually only when I'm in the mood for it. Otherwise, I'm rather uninspired!

Yeah, I guess that's it- I know, you're probably sitting there, scratching your head, and thinking, "Why did you write all of this? And why did I just read all of that?" but it was more or less a break for me. I didn't quite feel like getting back to work quite yet, but now I'd like to get started on writing ep. 4. So back to work I go! ^_^

Created: 8/12/01
Last Updated: 8/12/01

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