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Kawaii kurotenshi no Access!
Kawaii kurotenshi no Access!

^_^ Access wasn't given a very big part in the anime, and I don't think we really see him until the end (where I think he was very cool ^_~). Access is a kurotenshi (black-winged angel) which is supposed to be a rank lower than Fin (juntenshi/sub-angel). He finds demons and advises/bosses around Chiaki/Sindbad much like fin does with Maron/Jeanne.

The way the Access ended up coming to earth in the anime is a bit different from how it seems to be explained in the manga. (I haven't read the manga, only a few translations and manga-based pages!) In the anime, Access really liked Fin (who was rather annoyed by him, as usual) but she was on her way to go to Earth, find Jeanne, etc. when she was attacked and vanished. Access believed it was an attack by the Devil, so he went to talk to God, who told him to go to Earth and to protect Jeanne/make sure Fin didn't cause too much trouble. (I know he's an angel and all, but for some reason hearing "talked to God" makes me crack up. I just have problems visualizing some of this, I guess!)

Access from the manga... from Divine Wind So, Access landed on Earth, and was searching for Fin when this blue-haired boy reached out and grabbed him. (^_~) Access was *supposed* to be invisible and inaudible to humans, so when he was shouting at him to let him go, the boy was surprised to hear him talk. Access was surprised that he could see him. Chiaki (well, who ELSE did you think it was?) answered that he wouldn't of grabbed him if he couldn't see him! What's funny is that they were in the middle of a busy sidewalk, and above them was a theater sign that had "Sindbad" on it. Well, that's ONE way to come up with a name...

So Access told Chiaki the whole story of Fin, the Devil, and Jeanne. (Neither of them knew Maron at this point) Chiaki agreed to help, and Access gave him the power to seal demons, and transform into Sindbad. They went around sealing demons and looking for Fin/Jeanne, and eventually, Chiaki moved to his new apartment next to Maron...

So that's the anime's explanation of it all. There's a very good summary of Access's story in the manga in Access Time for example, a fish swimming in a sea forest. From what I know from this site and a few others, Fin went to Earth with a few other angels, but many of them ended up dying and killing humans. God wasn't too happy about that and summoned Fin to have a chat. (I know, I know, it just sounds wierd to be talking about God that way!) Access really wanted to tell her something, and Fin really wanted to hear it- after talking to God. (I think it was a love confession ^_^) Unfortunately, God stripped her of her angel-status and told her to leave Heaven- which would kill her. Fin was going to leave but she wanted to be with Access and hear what he had to say... so the Devil interfered, offering her a chance at life if she came to serve him instead. So Fin did, and Access saw this, talked to God, and got sent down to Earth, just like in the anime.

Sindbad and Access causing trouble again!... ep. 5 I'm not really sure how much Access knew about Fin's.... condition... when he went down to Earth. I think in both the anime and manga, he knew that she was working for the Devil, but since Fin was either pretending not to know or brainwashed (a little of both, in the anime) maybe he got confused along the way?

If you hadn't noticed by the first episodes where Access arrives, he really likes Fin. Although I got confused 'cause when I went back, the way Access was deciding how to introduce himself sounded like they'd never met before or something. Or maybe Access just worshipped Fin, but Fin never really "knew" him up in Heaven? That's kind of up for debate, I guess!

I'm not really going to delve into the manga much, 'cause I don't know much about it, and there are so many better sites that cover his story in detail, so why repeat it all? But I do know that in the manga, Access and Fin do share a kiss, and it's a whole lot more than the little "arigato" Fin gives him at the end of the anime ^_~ Access also gets reborn as Miyako and Yamato's son, Shinji.

Some pictures of Access

Access... with white wings?! Access from a shitajiki!
Access.. with white wings?! Maybe this is after he's promoted (if he does at all!) A picture of Access from a shitajiki. For some reason, he looks kinda scary here.

Manga Access
Access from the manga. Kawaii!


Access Time for example, a fish swimming in a sea forest
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Kawaii Access shrine!

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