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So, where do I start? Well, Chiaki shows up briefly in the first episode- he's just moved into his new apartment, and he had stacked a bunch of boxes in the main hallway (presumably to throw them out... eventually...). He's even wearing the white jacket and black shirt/pants that I like so much... *sighs happily* ^^;; Uh, anyway, Maron and Miyako were arguing about something, and when Miyako got annoyed enough, she punched the stack of boxes. And the boxes, of course, fell down on them. Then this handsome blue-haired boy walked up and picked up Miyako- then flattered both of them- but them pointed out the fact that he could see Maron's panties. That doesn't get them off to a very good start. ~_~;;

But that isn't the end of Chiaki's role in the series. By the end of the first episode or two, you KNOW that he somehow knows who Maron- and/or Jeanne- really is. And in the third/fourth episode another kaitou shows up to steal Jeanne's targets- he calls himself Kaitou Sindbad, and throws black pins instead of Jeanne's white ones. Guess what? He has lightish blue hair, very familiar eyes, and apparently seems to work for the Devil. Well, he certainly doesn't deny it! And that definitely makes the story much more interesting, because Maron as Jeanne hates Sindbad's guts, and Maron as Maron... likes Chiaki! \^O^/ I think the whole fact that Chiaki has to hide his identity *very* carefully- and that Access avoids being caught with Chiaki like death itself- very funny. The best example of this has to be the carnival episode where Minazuki has been possessed by the painting- the lights go out, Maron and Chiaki are stuck in a carousel car in mid-air together, and BOTH of them know that a demon is at work. I crack up just *thinking* of that whole situation. ^_^

I think my heart stopped the first time I saw this! Of course, the whole "like" thing didn't happen overnight... Maron admits on occasion that Chiaki had SOME good points, but for the most part, she was quite annoyed by him and his playboy attitude. And as for Chiaki- well, he didn't really like Maron in particular at the beginning- he tried to become close to her in order to make her stop being a kaitou. But somehow, as he teased Maron by day and fought her by night, he started to understand her like no other person really had- and began to love and protect her. (He, of course, denied it at the beginning- explaining it to himself and Access that he was just "moody". ^_~) I think that all changed when he randomly kissed her, though. o_o;; I was expecting it, but it still shocked me. Of course, if it had that knd of effect on me, then I wonder how Maron felt about it? ^_^

I think that the cutest part in the entire anime had to have been Chiaki's letters. He noticed that Maron was always waiting for a letter to arrive, so after giving her junk mail once, he started writing ones to her- little annoying ones, cheering-her-up ones, and a bunch were actually to try figuring out who Maron was waiting for a letter from. (He thought it was a boyfriend, until Jeanne blurted out the truth to Sindbad when she was particularly determined to seal a demon.)

Miyako, who was chasing Chiaki with a lot of dedication, noticed the growing affection between Maron and Chiaki. After a while, she admitted her feelings for Chiaki and asked him if he could accept them- but he couldn't, so she did a very noble thing, and make way for Maron instead. She even did a lot to keep them together through their troubles later on- including when Maron finally figured out who Chiaki really was. (Of course, neither of them told Miyako the cause of their "fight" at the time... for obvious reasons.) Chiaki was quick to fight demon-Minazuki's attempts to win Maron over, but as normal Minazuki, he didn't really see much of a threat, I guess. o_O;;

Chiaki is just about as close with Access, his guardian angel, as Maron is with Fin. Probably closer, though, since Maron's case was a little... special. ^^;; Access randomly met Chiaki on the street (more like Chiaki grabbed him out of mid-air because he was so strange-looking) and since he was the only one who could see the angel, told him about Fin and his mission, and gave him the power to seal demons. I'm not entirely sure if he merely gave the power to seal demons, or to turn into Sindbad (or just an unnamed kaitou, for that matter!), or if those two are the same thing, though- that's a confusing point I get stuck on when thinking about it. Anyway, those two worked to find Jeanne/Fin and stop them. And no, they weren't really working for the Devil, although I'm mildly curious why neither of them even *tried* to tell the truth in the anime- sure, no one would have believed them, but it was a lot better than leaving poor Maron to discover it on her own. ~_~* *sigh* Men...

Chiaki lives alone (well, with Access), but his father, Nagoya Kaisei, is a doctor and owns a hospital (Nagoya Hospital.... ^_^). His mother died when he was five, but his father refused to attend his wife's deathbed, and Chiaki has held it against him ever since. That, and his father has an odd obsession with pretending that he's just Chiaki's older brother, and marries a different woman every other week. If I were Chiaki, I'd move out too! The excuse he gave was that he was "looking for something"- I'm not sure whether he knew about Jeanne at that point, or whether he was simply compelled to leave. Chiaki didn't understand (until Maron came along) that his father really did love his mother, and it was (mostly) out of concern for him that he remarried so many times, looking for a replacement mother for Chiaki. ^_^ His father came after him to get him to come home, and hopefully follow in his footsteps (uh, in becoming a doctor, not necessarily the other habits of the elder Nagoya!) After they reach a kind of reconciliation, I think Chiaki does kind of think better of following in his father's footsteps.

Chiaki also has a fiancée- one who only shows up for two episodes- but her name is Sazanka Yashiro. They were childhood friends, and Chiaki claims that the betrothal was something arranged by their parents, and not something he took seriously. Except that he really does kind of care for Yashiro- when she runs, crying, at times, he runs after her to comfort her, but he really doesn't return her feelings other than that. I'm not sure whether that's because he really does care for her, or because he just can't make girls cry. I have the feeling it's kind of the first, though. ^^;; He was willing to hurt Maron when he was trying to get her to stop being a kaitou!

The end of the anime isn't clear about the details, but Yashiro is pretty much forgotten, although she and Miyako pretty much figured out that Chiaki and Maron were close at about the same time. I'm kind of curious how (and why!!) Chiaki could seal demons in his normal form- I had several issues with the last episode(s) for good reason! First thing, I thought only a kaitou could seal demons- or does that mean Maron didn't have to transform as well? Second, if he was thwarted on those occasions when he dropped/lost the pin he meant to use in sealing the demon in that particular episode, then how is it that he could make a few dozen appear when sealing the major demons?! Furthermore, why the heck didn't he transform- I was waiting through the entire series to see that!! (If anyone could show me a pic of what he does in the manga, I'd be much obliged ^_~) Although if they had only shown a dinky transformation sequence like they did for Tuxedo Kamen in Sailormoon, then I probably would have toppled over and died of laughter.

I don't know much about manga Chiaki, but from what little I've read, Chiaki sounds like more of a cold-blooded jerk. Uh, I know, he was in the anime, too, but I maybe I didn't get to see Chiaki's better side as much. Chiaki and Access seem closer in the manga, but that might just be because Access shows up a whole lot more in the manga, too. At the end of the manga, Chiaki and Maron get married, and I think Chiaki is a doctor, with a little daughter named Natsumi (reincarnated Fin-chan ^_~).

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