Episode Two:
The Target is the Family Bond?!

Miyako is dragging an exhausted Maron to class (they're late... again) when they recall that Maron has "flower duty". Maron takes a shortcut when she hears a scream- a young girl is careening down the street on a bike, unable to stop. Maron runs after her and manages to pull the girl free just before the bike crashes into a wall. The girl is grateful, but then her father storms up and yells at the girl for playing with it, slapping her for being a troublemaker. Maron can only watch helplessly as the girl is dragged away. Miyako then runs up and yells at her for standing around when they're late.

The new student... Chiaki-sama! Eventually, the two arrive at class. Miyako picks on Maron for running in the halls, although neither of them particularly wanted to be late. ^_^ Packelamao-sensei yells at them when they finally walk in, although they are both startled to find the guy they ran into the other day. He's their new classmate, Nagoya Chiaki. Miyako's quite pleased about the situation, but Maron's still mildly pissed about her encounter with Chiaki the other day. Chiaki asks her about the color of today's panties, then slides his desk next to hers so they could "share" school materials (although Chiaki spends more time grinning at Maron, Maron is trying to ignore Chiaki, and Miyako is fuming in the background because those two are "together" ^^;;). Chiaki asks Maron if she wants to go out with him, but Maron only sticks her tongue out at him in response- getting her yelled at by the teacher. Poor Maron!

At gymnastics practice, Maron is practicing a certain pose, but Miyako starts arguing that her legs don't form a 120-degree angle. Miyako is being unusually bossy, and when asked why, she answers that it's because Maron is "flirting" with Chiaki. o_O;; Chiaki shows up and starts spying on them from the doorway. Maron sees him, and just happened to be practicing with a ball, so the next time she sensed something, she hurled it full-force at the doorway. But it's not Chiaki! It's the girl Maron saved earlier, who is completely unaware of the ball hurtling towards her. Maron asks it to stop, and suddenly it bounces off an invisible wall and comes back to her. (it pays to be working for God ^_~)

The young girl, whose name is Hiromi, came to thank Maron for saving her this morning. She also says she wants to join the gymnastics club, although her father won't let her. Her papa used to be a kind man, but he suddenly became abusive towards his wife and daughter. Hiromi-chan's story brings a flashback of chibi-Maron holding a porcelain doll, the two shadows of her parents fighting, then the doll falling to the ground, shattering.

The girl leaves, and Chiaki comes out (he was eavesdropping) and says that Maron has a nice figure. ^_^ She tries to slap him, but he catches her arm, and the two of them look at each other until Miyako calls, interrupting the exchange. She's happy to see Chiaki, but annoyed to see him with Maron. Chiaki offers to hang around and walk them home after practice, which Miyako happily accepts. Lucky! He then turns around and strikes a "cool" pose (his fingers partly on his face... hard to describe) but as he turns around, Maron slams the door on his face. *big sweatdrop* Poor Chiaki...

As they're walking home, Chiaki asks why they chose gymnastics. Miyako explains that she's doing it so she can catch Jeanne, but she's kind of ignored by Chiaki. Maron's pretty annoyed that he's being too familiar with her (he's simply calling her Maron instead of Maron-san) but Chiaki doesn't mind- he just puts this cute grin on this face and says to just call him Chiaki. ^_^ (*1) Miyako agrees, since they're neighbors, classmates, and sort of friends, and possibly even more than that. ^_~ Instead of getting on the elevator, though, Maron lingers behind to check her mailbox, and sadly, doesn't get any letters and returns to her apartment alone.

Maron goes outside to do stretches on her balcony, when she realizes Chiaki is watching from the balcony next door. Chiaki doesn't just live in the same building, he lives right next door! He says he has a nice view, and Maron comments that they are on the 7th floor. But he isn't talking about the scenery- he's talking about the fact the shirt she's wearing has a rather low cut that shows a bit while she's exercising. ~_~* Maron goes back inside and is absolutely miserable, when Fin flies in, announcing that she has another target. Maron's still annoyed and not that enthusiastic about the mission until the angel mentions that a family will be driven apart. She pulls out a photograph and shows it to Maron- it's a picture of Hiromi-chan and her father, with a cute picture drawn by Hiromi in the background.

Maron and Miyako burst out of their doors at the same time- Miyako had just found out about a notice from Jeanne, and right now, Maron found out too. ^_^ (Fin, again, didn't bother to ask/warn Maron *before* sending the notice) Maron makes up an excuse that she's out for a walk, and talks to Fin a bit about the notice card, returning to her apartment. Moments later, a door opens, and Chiaki looks out with a knowing look on his face. (*2)

At the to-be crime scene, Hiromi is scared of Detective Toudaji, who is wondering why in the world Jeanne would want a child's drawing. (*3) He does admit that it gives him a warm feeling, though, and the demon-possessed dad doesn't care to explain. Miyako has traps planned, and has ordered that the framed picture be suspended in mid-air by a wire. There are cameras set up all over, and lights are illuminating the house from every angle. At a set of stairs, Maron enters and says (to Fin) that she wants to spare Hiromi bad experiences- presumably the ones she herself had suffered. She transforms in the middle of an empty street, running to meet her appointment with the cops- and a demon.

Jeanne slides across a rope onto the roof of the house, flicking small stones at the lights. Miyako counters this by transforming the cameras into night-vision cameras- the lights were only a distraction! It's a great plan, except Jeanne knows this and destroys the cameras anyway. ^_^

In another room, Haruta and Akita are comforting Hiromi and her mother, saying they've got things under control. Jeanne shuts off the lights and enters the room, startling the two cops, but she manages to get them tangled up with each other. Hiromi spots Jeanne, who gestures for her to keep quiet and winks. Hiromi isn't going to betray Jeanne to the cops!

Calling her Rebound Ball, Jeanne is in sight of the picture when the lights switch on and Miyako suddenly appears. Startled, Jeanne takes a step back, triggering a trapped floor tile and causing a lasso to quickly close in on her foot. However, she manages to use her ball to land on a higher level (sort of like a balcony) before the trap could close in. Miyako orders her to surrender, since she can't escape- guards are marching up the stairs to the balcony on both sides. Jeanne desperately calls Fin on the Petit Clare.

Fin tells her to use the ball- the Rebound Ball? (*4) She summons a giant ball and begins her speech before a Checkmate- "In the name of God..." Det. Toudaji thinks it's a bomb, and pulls Miyako to the floor, shielding her with his body. The rest of the guards follow suit, but Jeanne throws the ball at the picture, knocking it up into the air and separating it from the wire that held it. Then, swinging across the room, she finishes the Checkmate, sealing the demon with a pin through the frame before the picture hit the ground. (The police miss all of this- they're still convinced Jeanne will kill them all with a bomb. o_O;;) The demon/father (whose name is Miyasaka, if you're curious- it's the first time I've heard it!) begin screaming, and then he faints. When checking the frame, the picture is gone! Hiromi runs in just as her papa is waking, and gives him a hug- he's back to his normal loving self.

The cops go chasing after her, but Jeanne is already escaping on the rooftop. She looks over and sees someone in the trees- she's really surprised that Miyako had a guard waiting for her there, and decides to go another way. The figure is revealed to be a very light blue-haired man with a bandanna around his face for a mask. He notes that it was a close one for Jeanne, and drops a stick on the ground, springing a concealed net trap. Miyako and lights appear, the guards thinking that they finally caught Jeanne, and the mystery person says that it's too easy and leaves. The police realize that Jeanne has escaped, which causes a big "Eeeeh? Again, Miyako-san??" from everyone. ^_^ Jeanne hears this from an outside parking lot and smiles.

The next day, Miyako is dragging Maron to class again, when they see Hiromi happily waving, held by her beloved Papa and Mother. Miyako isn't very impressed, but Chiaki offers to give her a hug. I don't think Maron takes him up on his offer, though. ^_^

Preview: Miyako is upset by Jeanne's thefts, but now she's got even more reason to take it personally- Jeanne has sent a notice to her school! Apparently, Packelamao-sensei has been taken over by a demon, and has commandeered the students to stop Jeanne! (There's a very NICE picture of a shirtless Chiaki drying his hair here... ^_~) All this in the next episode: "The Encircling Net: The Enemy is the Student Body!"

Fin! (uh, as in, "finished!" not, "Fin Fish" (angel) ^_~)


*1: I'm not an expert in these things, but here's a basic rundown of the levels of politeness. (I usually consider a "good" translation to include the "-san" and stuff like that, only because it's harder to convey in English, IMHO. ^_^) Most Japanese people refer to each other by their last names or titles, and add a suffix to denote familiarity/politeness/respect for the person. Good friends, family, or children might be called "-chan". The basic level of respect is calling people "-san"- you could use it to refer to strangers. "-sama" is something you'd use to a lord, someone great, or sometimes yourself if you've got a lot of self-esteem. (I sometimes refer to myself as Cheryl-sama, mostly 'cause it's something that sticks after being an SM:TMT author-goddess. ^^;;) -sensei is something you use to a teacher or tutor (Packelamao-sensei). If you're more familiar with someone, you might use their first name with a suffix- and if you're really familiar, you might just drop it altogether and be on a first-name basis. Maron and Miyako don't bother with suffixes, and Chiaki doesn't bother with them at all. ^^;; People new to the series might not be familiar with these examples, but Maron refers to Hiromi as Hiromi-chan, Minazuki/Iinchou calls Maron "Kusakabe-san", and I've been told that Access refers to himself as "Ore-sama" (ore being a very casual/slightly disrespectful version of "I"). I haven't really heard it in the series, but Access doesn't get that many parts, unforunately. ;_;

*2: Knowing?! Well, I couldn't really put words to the look on his face. Suspicious? Secretive? Mysterious? I'd say "an evil, sly smirk" but that makes Chiaki sound like the Devil's servant. Hmm... ^_~

*3: I'm referring to Miyako's dad as "Detective Toudaji" because when he's on duty, it sounds more official, and people aren't supposed to be that casual in a business setting! Plus I've been typing out "Miyako" quite a bit, and it's less confusing to say "Det. Toudaji and Miyako" than "Miyako and Miyako's dad". ^_^

*4: It's an extra-large Rebound Ball, I think- Fin only refers to it as "the ball", but I'm vaguely assuming it's just a bigger Rebound Ball. Very cool, and she WAS practicing with one earlier in the episode, but why can't she just use the small Rebound Ball to do all of this? Also, I'm not sure whether or not there's a wire attached to it- at first I thought there was, but when I thought the physics of her actions through, it doesn't quite make sense- Jeanne must have grabbed onto the wire the picture used to be on, I guess? Or maybe had a second rope/wire to swing on? Of course, the entire Rebound Ball issue and the things it can do is physically impossible at times, so applying logic just might not be logical. ^_^

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