Episode Three:
The Encircling Net! The Enemy is the Student Body

Maron and Miyako are gardening outside the school. (Very interesting sight- Maron is wearing her gymnastics outfit, but added a hat and gloves) Maron is wondering why gymnasts are forced to work outside like this, and although Miyako doesn't like it either, "A bad law is still a law". This starts an arguement between the two- Maron arguing that some rules shouldn't be followed, and Miyako saying that they're still rules. Packelamao-sensei interrupts by blowing harshly on her flute, and says that they have to perform gymnastics with hearts like flowers. How to get hearts like flowers? Tending the gardens. The two girls apologize, but they start blaming each other and get into another fight.

Later, they are inside the school sniffing flowers, when the vice principal comes by and protests, saying that the vase was too valuable to put flowers in. Supposedly the vase had been given to the principal by a noble when the school was first established, and it was called "The Given Vase" or "The Voice of the Noble". Packelamao-sensei says that vases are meant to hold flowers, and Maron and Miyako see no problem with it, but the vice-principal is still flipping out because he doesn't want to get into trouble with the principal away. Personally, I thought they would've been better off auctioning the vase on E-bay... but... well... ^^;; Chiaki suddenly makes an appearance and says it's perfect with flowers. (He has this cool, sparkly look to him... ^_~)

Back outside, Miyako starts praising Chiaki while Maron is watering the flowers. The two flirt a bit, then Chiaki teases Maron about her appearance (gmynastics-gardening look o_O;;). Maron calls him a pervert and accidentally splashes him with water when she turns to yell at him. Inside, Packelamao-sensei is admiring the flowers in the vase when a demon invades the vase, withering the flowers and possessing her. Minazuki, who just happens to be nearby, sees her passing out and takes her to the school infirmary, with Miyako and Maron's help. Maron notes that she's very pale, and Miyako bugs her about worrying about Packelamao-sensei when Chiaki's soaked to death. (Come on, what was Maron thinking? Chiaki could be dying of a cold out there! ^_^) Packelamao-sensei gets up, but she starts acting very wierd- she knocks people out of the way, steps on flowers, and begins tearing out the dead flowers.

Maron is very worried, so she runs to the locker room and takes out a small box. Inside is the Clare Petit and her Rosary- and a sleeping Fin. Fin's pretty out of it, but Maron shakes her awake. (Poor Fin...) At the vase, Maron asks if it's a demon or something, and Fin says she feels sick. (a demon's presence makes angels sick) Maron thinks it's confirmed her suspicions, and Fin says it's because Maron was shaking her, not because of a demon! They take a closer look, and Fin says that it is a demon. Maron also takes out her Clare Petit, which starts beeping in the presence of the demon. This, of course, attracts Packelamao-sensei's/the demon's attention, who misses seeing the pair.

The two run to a science lab, where they talk about how Packelamao-sensei's heart is beautiful and why she was possessed. Maron tells Fin to send a notice for seven o'clock, and Fin is overjoyed that she's finally doing her job as Kaitou Jeanne. Maron says it's just a special occasion, and the two leave. In a human body-model in the back of the lab, someone else has been watching them talk. The mysterious person talks about how Fin is cute, but duty must come first- he is the kurotenshi Access Time! (kurotenshi= black angel) He pops out of the model's head, and starts making an impressive introduction- "I will bring darkness to your heart!" (^^;;) But he decides that he doesn't like it and practices others. Then he decides that he has to go do his job first and report to Sindbad.

The vice principal gets the notice, and Packelamao-sensei sees it and comes up with a plan. Meanwhile, Chiaki is talking to... an unseen person? Himself? On a cell phone? (it's not clear) on the roof. Packelamao-sensei gets on the P.A. and orders everyone to come to the auditorium, threatening those who don't come. Back on the roof, Chiaki smiles and says it's all starting.

Packelamao-sensei talks to the students, saying that they have to stop Jeanne from stealing the vase. Miyako is very excited about it (and upset that Jeanne would target her school), so she starts suggesting that they call the police, since her father is the head of the Jeanne Special Task Force... Packelamao-sensei ignores her idea, so Miyako decides that she has to catch Jeanne since she's the only real detective on campus. When Maron, Miyako, and Minazuki are walking down the hall, Chiaki makes an appearance and agrees with Miyako, who runs off to plan. He sneezes, which catches Maron's attention, and she apologizes for the water earlier. Chiaki says how one can usually get rid of a cold with a kiss, and pins Maron against the wall ans leans forward, as if to kiss her. Maron, of course, smacks him and stalks off. Minazuki protests his treatment of Maron, but Chiaki says he was "just kidding" since Maron looked so serious, and he wanted to tease her. But Maron was really shaken up by the fact that he *almost* did kiss her...

At six P.M., the school grounds are all lined by students. Maron whispers a plan to Fin, who agrees and charges her rosary. Suddenly, at the top of the school, the voice and image of Jeanne appears, and everyone chases after her. Similarly, students chase a white sheet that looks sort of like Jeanne through the halls, but it flies outside and turns out to be... Fin? Elsewhere, Maron pretends that she's seen Jeanne and shouts an alarm, running off with a white sheet. She runs around a corner, leaving the sheet in the air, and the girls trailing her squirt the sheet with paint, only to find that it's just a sheet, and says it's some sort of substitution technique. A different group of people see Jeanne's shadow by the window, and a bunch of boys go after it, only to find that it's a skeleton-puppet with a wig, and Maron (hidden upstairs) is working the strings. More scenes of Maron and Fin running around distracting the students are seen, until there are only a few students left in the auditorium. Packelamao-sensei shouts that whomever catches her will have their club's funds doubled, and they all run off to find her. Minazuki and Miyako are standing there waiting, when Miyako asks Minazuki to come to her- a plan, perhaps?

Outside somewhere, Maron is carrying a broom with a sheet (probably her latest trick) when she talks to Fin through the Clare Petit about finishing up. "Jeanne" appears on top of the school tower, highlighted by the moon- so the students take aim and fire arrows, throw balls, pots, fruits, and anything at hand at her. Jeanne falls, and the students look at her to see that she's- a dummy? It's the same human model Access was hiding in earlier this episode, with a wig and sheet tied around it for clothes.

Maron transforms for real, and in the empty auditorium, she makes her *real* appearance at seven o'clock, but there's no one there to stop her except for Packelamao-sensei and the vice principal (who panics, of course). Jeanne uses her Rebound Ball and swings through the air to checkmate. She throws the pin and seals the demon, causing Packelamao-sensei to faint. The vice principal doesn't see the chess piece she collects. In the background, Miyako pulls a rope and drops the curtain and several bars on Jeanne- Miyako Special, Part 3! It seems like she's caught her, since there's something struggling underneath the curtain, but it's only the (terrified) vice principal. Miyako sees a ragged hole in the curtain and realizes Jeanne has escaped.

Jeanne's mysterious rescuer! Outside, some mysterious blue-haired figure is holding Jeanne, and as she wakes, he tells her how she almost got caught. It's the guy from yesterday, and he introduces himself as Kaitou Sindbad- here to compete and win against her. She doesn't know who he is at all- didn't God say that she was the only one who can seal demons? Meanwhile, Packelamao-sensei wakes up, while the vice principal is flipping out over the lost vase. She asks Miyako about the flower garden, acting like nothing had ever happened- and Miyako is relieved that she seems to be normal again. And back at the apartment, Maron is shrieking about being too late, and Fin is confused- she arrived to steal the vase on time, didn't she? Maron runs into her apartment and turns on the TV, where something like Unsolved Mysteries is playing. Fin is a bit annoyed that she was only talking about a TV show, but Maron is pretty upset that she missed it!

Preview: Minazuki's grandfather is a kind man who is the head of the Minazuki Group, but lately he's been acting strange and leading corporate takeovers. Is it possible that Jeanne, a thief, can save a corporation's reputation and well-being? And why is Kaitou Sindbad interfering with Jeanne?

Fin! (uh, as in, "finished!" not, "Fin Fish" (angel) ^_~)


None this time around! At least, nothing major- I just left all the little one-liners in, since scrolling down's always annoyed me if the note's not *that* important!

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