Episode Four:
A Thief Can Save a Corporation!?

An kindly old man, the CEO of a small company, is going to sell a painting in order to meet the next payroll and stave off bankruptcy. He asks to see it once more before it is sold, and he takes in its beauty- when he is suddenly attacked by a demon that had possessed the painting. He crumples over, and alarmed, his employees rush to his aid. When the CEO-demon gets up again, he decides he won't sell the painting- he wants it hung up in his office instead...

Outside of Maron's door, Miyako is impatiently waiting for Maron to wake up, because they have to go. Maron says that Miyako didn't have to wait for her, since Packelamao-sensei did want them there for an early practice. While being dragged across town, Maron sees Miyako's ribbon and starts going through a flashback/thought scene. Maron had gotten up earlier, but she was standing by her door silently, almost wistfully, watching Miyako's mom fix her hair- a daily routine. Maron had then quietly gone back into her house- perhaps to hide the fact that she'd been watching? Then Maron (in real life) thinks to herself that their routine was pretty boring.

The two arrive at school panting, when they notice a big sign that says that practice has been cancelled. >_<;; Then they notice that some kids are pushing a guy around- it's Minazuki (Yamato) (*1), the class president (Iinchou). The boys want Minazuki to say something about the behavior of his grandpa, Minazuki, the CEO of the Minazuki Group. Miyako and Maron are pretty upset that a group of guys are ganging up on one person, and they start defending Yamato. The guys say that Minazuki (CEO) has been in the news lately (they show a news report of Minazuki laughing evilly) for possibly bribing politicians, hostile takeovers, and stuff like that. Yamato is the heir to the Minazuki Group, which is now a big company.

Fin peeks out of Maron's backpack at this point, her curiousity piqued by the tale of strange behavior. The guys say that Yamato has bad blood because of it, and they start accusing him of doing similar things behind people's backs. The girls get really pissed at this point- Miyako starts saying that there's no proof of wrongdoing, and Maron says that even if his grandfather *had* done something wrong, then it wouldn't matter because Iinchou is a different person! (Fin cheers the girls on silently from the backpack- kawaii!) The guys leave, and the girls tell Yamato to cheer up, but he starts telling them about how his grandfather used to be a kind man, except that now he's acting strange.

(flashback) Chibi-Yamato and his grandfather are fishing together, and Grandfather Minazuki starts giving Yamato advice. He believes that business is more about turning out profits- it's about seeing the big picture, working with the consumers so that everyone is happy. Yamato accepts this happily, and then catches a fish, and both of them are happy. (It's a very sappy scene!)

Yamato is upset, though, because his grandfather has suddenly changed, and is obsessed with money . Fin looks concerned, and Maron wonders if a demon is behind all of this. Miyako asks if Iinchou thinks that his grandfather is doing illegal things, and he reluctantly answers yes (and Miyako starts feeling guilty about beating up on those other guys!). Iinchou starts apologizing about making them so concerned, when Chiaki drops out of the tree they were standing under and startles everyone. He flatters Miyako as usual, telling her that he thinks girls that speak their mind are beautiful- and pisses Maron off by implying she's not beautiful by speaking her own mind. (It took awhile for me to get that joke...) Maron thinks that Chiaki knows a lot more than he's letting on, and resolves to be careful around him. Chiaki reassures Iinchou and says he should speak to his grandpa, and Maron starts thinking that perhaps he's not so bad, after all. But when Miyako reaches over to give him a hug, he walks off, as if completely unaware.

At the Minazuki Company headquarters, an old man is begging Grandfather Minazuki to allow a delay of payment, since they're childhood friends, but Minazuki tells him he'd go bankrupt anyway, and has two of his employees. Fin is watching all of this, and watches as a screen map shows new profits and growth. Meanwhile, the two employees are outside the room, talking about Minazuki's radical change of personality. They had chosen to work for this company due to its reputation, and were upset because now it was known as a ruthless company. Iinchou then walks in, and tries to tell his grandfather to stop making a profit at the expense of others. Grandather Minazuki, though, gets angry and tells Yamato to leave His employees escort him out, and apologize for everything while Grandfather Minazuki obsesses over the painting.

Fin sending notice! Fin watches all of this, then flies home to Maron. Maron is relaxing, and pours herself a glass of milk when Fin flies in, bumps into something and falls into Maron's cup of milk. She stands there (kawaii!), explaining to Maron that Iinchou's grandfather has been posessed, and tries to get Maron to go after it. Maron is pretty reluctant, though- Minazuki Corp. is a major company, and she thinks she'd be caught anyway. A news report comes up on the television as Fin dries herself off with a towel, and it is about the Minazuki Corporation, which is buying & destroying a hospital in order to build an amusement park. Then Iinchou calls, and he tells Maron that he had tried talking to his grandfather, except that he got scared... Maron tries to talk to him, but he hangs up, and when she looks around, Fin is gone. Fin has gone back to the Minazuki Corporation Headquarters, (she's pretty upset) and hurls a notice under a door, where it is received by Grandfather Minazuki.

The detectives are lounging around, when they get a phone call- Kaitou Jeanne has sent a notice to the Minazuki Group, and everyone gets moving. In the locker room at school, Miyako tells Maron about the news, and how the target is Minazuki's 500,000,000 yen painting (*2). Fin appears then, and Maron is annoyed and glares at her for having sent a notice. Fin bows in response, then perches on a gymnastics ball while Miyako talks about the Jeanne task force. Unfortunately, the ball accidentally starts rolling, and then both Miyako and Maron pause as the ball randomly starts moving (Maron knows why, but Miyako can't see Fin). Fin semi-tries to stop it, but the ball takes her with it, and she falls into a pail of water below, along with the ball. Miyako leaves, and then Maron and Fin start arguing about sending notices. Maron says they're only concerned with profits anyway, and doesn't look like she's going to go, despite Fin's arguements.

As they walk home, the two pass by a fountain, and see Minazuki sadly feeding all the animals there. Maron resolves to do it then, and decides to make a plan. Later, Maron and Fin are looking at blueprints and make a plan. Maron steps out, and notices that Miyako has left her apartment at the same time. Maron lies about it and says she's just out for a walk. Miyako says she's going to catch Jeanne, Maron wishes her luck, and then Miyako runs off. Fin pops out and tells Maron to hurry up, or else they'll be late, and the two return to Maron's apartment. As they leave, Chiaki's door opens- he's been listening to their conversation.

Around the Minazuki Headquarters, Maron ducks into a sewer just as the police drive around- since Minazuki is rich and powerful, the police force has come in bigger numbers, meaning that it's much more dangerous for Jeanne to be around. Maron transforms as she falls through a deep sewer hole. Back in the building, Minazuki starts bragging to Detective Toudaji and Miyako that his state-of-the-art security system will stop Jeanne, and they just give each other looks as he starts cackling. Minazuki has faith in his expensive security system, but when Det. Toudaji says the police aren't needed, he snaps at him and tells him he's paid his taxes and wants all the police there! Meanwhile, Jeanne is traveling through the air ducts, and sets a small blinking thing on the power generator. (*3) She also sets a similar device on the doors to the security cameras, and sneaks off.

Meanwhile, a person is stealthily entering the main office, where the painting is kept. The security alarms go off, and the intruder panics as the police come swarming out- it's Minazuki, who's come to talk to his grandfather again, but Granfather Minazuki is just annoyed with him. Then Jeanne is spotted flying into some air ducts by the police- they try to follow her, and get stuck. The police wait in anticipation, and Miyako waits in the shadows. From somewhere in the air ducts, Jeanne contacts Fin, and the first device goes off- it's a small bomb, and the power gets cut. Grandfather Minazuki panics, but the detectives look relieved that now they can do their job normally. Jeanne keeps crawling through the ducts, and a second device goes off- it just beeps as it blinks, causing electrical interference to the security cameras, and the guards start wondering why they can't see anything.

There is a loud rustling and clanking growing louder as something- or someone- approaches the room through the air ducts, and everyone waits, expecting Jeanne's arrival. It grows louder, and there's a strange... meowing? The grille bursts open, and out comes... a flood of cats and dogs? (Maybe it's the same ones Iinchou was feeding earlier?) They animals scatter across the room, setting all the alarms off, and the detectives hurry around the room, trying to round up all the animals. Det. Toudaji wants to cut the power to the alarms, but Miyako tells him to wait- it's all part of Jeanne's plan.

Suddenly Jeanne makes her appearance- she comes swinging out of nowhere (air ducts?) and is about to checkmate, when a net comes flying out of the light fixture she'd been swinging from, and sends her crashing to the ground. Miyako and the detectives are happy that they've finally caught Jeanne, and approach with a light- Jeanne covers her face, afraid that they'd find her identity. Then there's a loud *crack* and glass breaks- then one of the metal doors covering the windows rises, revealing Sindbad, who had broken in through the window. He throws is boomerang, knocking the light out of Miyako's hand & cutting the net around Jeanne. (this is the first time the police have seen Kaitou Sindbad, so they're shocked that there's another kaitou to worry about!)

Miyako tells the detectives to hurry up and arrest them both, and Fin (through the Clare Petit) yells at Jeanne to hurry up and checkmate. Jeanne begins her whole checkmating sequence again, but Sindbad interrupts and tells her that this target is his, and throws a *black* pin at the painting, checkmating the demon. (*4) Access, Sindbad's angel, appears, and catches the chess piece- it's a black pawn. The emergency power (and lights) come back on, but both thieves are gone, and the detectives are left standing around with a bunch of cats and dogs. Then they realize the painting is gone, too!

Grandfather Minazuki, who's being looked after by iinchou, comes to, and looks quite bewildered. He looks at a sign he had hanging on the wall- the company motto, the demon had changed it to say, "Money is the Company". He wonders who re-wrote it, and Yamato is happy to have his old grandfather back. Outside, Jeanne is standing out on the rooftops, watching Sindbad make his escape- she wonders why he interfered with her target, and Fin is quite upset- only Maron/Kaitou Jeanne, the reincarnation of Jeanne d'Arc, has the power to checkmate/seal demons!

Preview: Miyako says she has to go to the World Jewelry Expo to protect a famous pearl, "The Tear of the Aegean Sea". Maron doesn't think Jeanne will target it, but of course, a demon has possessed it... Jeanne goes after it, but now she has competition for the checkmate- Sindbad and Access are also after the pearl! Who will get it this time?

Fin! (uh, as in, "finished!" not, "Fin Fish" (angel) ^_~)

*1: For this episode, and probably only this episode, I'll refer to Minazuki (Iinchou) as Yamato or Iinchou, and Minazuki (CEO) as just Minazuki. I personally prefer to call... Yamato... Minazuki because, well, it sounds nice. But since there are two people who can answer to that name in here... o_O;;

*2: 500,000,000 yen roughly equals $4,175,644.30 U.S. (as of 8/23/01). On 8/23/99, that might've been about $4,681,560 U.S. (Japan is going through a recession right now, so I thought I ought to include the value of the painting back then. Um, no, I'm not insane or scary-obsessive, I was at OANDA.com and noticed it there. ^^;;) Personally, I don't think that painting (from the anime's picture of it) looked that great, but then again, I'm the type of person who'd much rather have an animation cel of Chiaki instead. ^_^

*3: The blinking thing is either teddy bear-shaped or raccoon-shaped. I think it's a raccoon, since I think there are dark circles around its eyes, and besides, raccoons are notorious thieves. Anyone live near a forest? *tries to draw picture from memory* I think it's pink, handheld-size, and has a big flashing circle in the center. ^_^ Jeanne nor Fin never quite mention a name for this thing- who knows, maybe they built it during this episode?

*4: Sindbad's theme music is quite cool here- will the producers *ever* come out with a CD with the background music? It's driving me insane!

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