Episode Five:
An Emergency Lookout at the Airport!

Maron is checking her mail again, and is very sad. Unknown to her, Chiaki sees her but quietly watches as she closes her mailbox and goes home. She starts reminicing about her parents, and Fin is off in her own world, wondering how Sindbad is able to seal demons- after all, God had told her that Jeanne was the only one who was able to seal demons! Maron says maybe God doesn't really exist, or even lied, which brings a really strong response from Fin. ^^;; Then Fin decides that the reason Sindbad is able to seal demons is because he works for the Devil- Maron points out that it doesn't make sense, since the Devil was responsible for the demons in the first place, but Fin explains that since the demons are controlling beautiful souls, the energy from the souls would be returned to the Devil instead of God if Sindbad sealed them. Maron puts a bucket over Fin's head, and when the doorbell rings, leaves her underneath to rattle around. ^_^

Chiaki is at the door, and gives Maron a letter, saying the one she'd been waiting for was actually in his mailbox the whole time. Maron gets very sentimental, and starts thanking God- but when she turns the letter over, she realizes that it's junk mail and gets pissed. Miyako comes out while hearing the racket, and is happy to see Chiaki. She tells Maron that she didn't want to give her a chance to get too close to Chiaki, and Maron answers that she wouldn't want to be close to him and stalks off. Miyako then tries to go out for a walk with Chiaki, but Chiaki just asks her whose letter is she waiting for- Miyako wonders to herself how long Maron's going to wait, and when Chiaki asks again, she lies and says she doesn't know.

At school, the other girls are talking about the World Treasure Exhibit, where the Tear of the Aegean Sea, a famous pearl, will be featured. Maron asks Miyako to go with her, but she says no, and it's obvious that Iinchou wants to ask her something. ^_^ Later, Packelamao-sensei is talking about history again- which brings her to the subject of Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc). Maron starts thinking about Jeanne and how she was her reincarnation, born to seal demons, but snaps out of her thoughts when she realizes Chiaki is holding her hand. He tells her that she shouldn't be waiting for her boyfriend to write, and to instead go out with him! Maron tells him off and jerks her hand away, knocking over her pencil box and drawing the teacher's attention, which gets her rebuked. She then goes back to thinking of Jeanne d'Arc and how she died alone...

After class, Maron and Miyako are sitting outside eating lunch. Miyako tells Maron how Chiaki had been asking her whose letter she was waiting for, and then tells her she'd known that she was waiting for her parents to write. Maron was surprised she'd known, but Miyako says she'd been worried too, but didn't tell Chiaki, and Maron hugs her. Iinchou walks up to them and nervously starts telling Maron how he had two tickets, but Maron told him how she was definitely going with Maron, and walks off with her. (Poor Iinchou!)

Somewhere in town, Miyako tells Maron in secret that she couldn't go with her to the Exhibit because she was working with her father to protect the pearl from Jeanne. Maron laughs and says Jeanne wouldn't go after it, but when Miyako asks why not, she tries to come up with some sort of excuse. ^_^

Later, Access is flying to Sindbad, shouting "Big trouble! Big trouble!" as usual- when he stops in mid-flight and darts behind a tree. Fin flies right past him, also shouting, "Big trouble!" and goes straight to Maron. Inside her house, Maron was just telling herself that the pearl wasn't possessed, and begins drinking a pitcher of milk when Fin rushes in and starts telling her how the pearl's been possessed and she'd sent notice for tonight. Maron immediately begins to choke and cough, while Fin goes on explaining- then stops and asks what was wrong. Next door, Access tells Chiaki about the demon, which doesn't bring much of a response- until he mentions that Jeanne is going after it, too. That's when he leaps off the couch and runs out the door, where both of them step out of their doors at the same time. Chiaki asks Maron where she's going, and Maron naturally tells him it's none of his business and runs off. Chiaki, of course, smiles and tells himself that Jeanne will be up against Sindbad tonight.

At the airport, Maron is looking around, and Fin is off spying on the police. Detective Toudaji is reading the notices from Jeanne and Sindbad, and Miyako resolves to protect the pearl. They reassure the old lady who owns the pearl that it will be safe, and Fin flies back to Maron. Maron is sad because if she seals the demon, then the pearl will be gone for good. Fin cheers her up by telling her that saving the world is much more important than saving a pearl, and Maron notices that the police are coming down in an escalator with the pearl (in a red safe). She then looks up and sees Sindbad and Access- who winks at her- and watches as he leaps down and knocks over the detectives, trying to steal the safe. Maron refuses to lose to Sindbad and transforms. During the fight, Fuyuuta knocks over a pail of water and falls, and a scary cleaning lady comes up and starts beating him with a mop!

Det. Toudaji grabs the safe and runs off, but stops to fight Sindbad one-on-one. Of course, Sindbad isn't exactly alone, and a small light (which Det. Toudaji can't see) flies over and hits him. He's wondering how this could happen, but contines to get beaten up (not very badly, but enough) by Access. Sindbad picks up the box and walks off, but the Rebound Ball comes and wraps around the box, pulling it away. Jeanne is on the opposite side of the hallway (with a big gap to the lower level between them) and the box is dangling below her, so Sindbad throws his boomerang at the string and cuts it. Both of them begin running for the stairs. Meanwhile, Fin and Access are flying down after it, and Fin asks him why and angel would betray God and work for the Devil. Access introduces himself but realizes that it isn't exactly the best time for conversation, so he apologizes and knocks Fin away.

Jeanne asks Sindbad whether or not he's working for the Devil, but he doesn't deny it- although his bandanna blows to the side for a moment, showing that he's just smiling. The detectives are blocking Jeanne's way, but she leaps over them, causing them to duck. They accidentally knock over something, and the scary cleaning lady comes back and scares them off. However, when Jeanne reaches the lower level, Sindbad and Access are already there, and run off with the box. Jeanne just stops and thinks, and realizes that Miyako isn't there chasing after her. Outside, Access picks the lock on the box, which happens to hold a note from Miyako- a big sketch of her going "be-da!" (*1). Jeanne is spying on them with Fin, and confirmed her suspicions- Miyako had played a trick on them, getting them to go after the decoy. Sindbad and Access re-enter and see a policeman carrying a red safe, and think that that's the right one. However, Access notices another safe to the side... a family carrying red safes... red safes on the luggage belts... a horde of policemen with red safes... Sindbad says it's impossible to go after the pearl without being caught. And just then, the cleaning lady comes by with a cartload of red safes, grumbling about who'd left them all over the place... They sweatdrop and give up.

Miyako is being driven back, and returns with the real one. Det. Toudaji tells her how they'd both gone after the fake one, and inside, the detectives triumphantly meet the old lady to return the pearl to her. But then, another old lady appears behind them- looking and sounding exactly the same... They turn back to see the first old lady (with the safe) peel off her disguise, revealing Kaitou Jeanne! She rides a string up to the ceiling, while the detectives run off to chase after her. Miyako just falls to the ground in disbelief.

Outside, Jeanne has the box, and is hesitant to open it. She has a flashback of her classmates eagerly wanting to see the pearl, Miyako and her pride in her father's assignment to protect the pearl, racing with Sindbad and him not denying that he was working for the Devil... Fin reminds her of Jeanne d'Arc, and she thinks about history class and how Jeanne died protecting the world from demons. Having gotten her resolve back, Jeanne raises the box to the sky, where it opens and the pearl begins to float. (and Jeanne too?) Fin reacts to the demon's presence, flinching away, but Maron throws the pin and Fin catches the pawn that results from it. Then, to herself, Jeanne apologizes to Miyako...

Preview: An old lady appears and Fin thinks she's weird and suspicious- definitely planning something. A scary-looking man is possessed by a demon, but Maron is planning to break into a jewelry store for real- is she becoming a real thief?

Fin! (uh, as in, "finished!" not, "Fin Fish" (angel) ^_~)

*1: "Be-da" is a noise usually made while sticking out your tongue at someone- although someone will also pull down an eyelid at the same time. ~_~;; I can't describe it very well, so I'll see if I can get a picture of it sometime...

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