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Fin, from a shitajiki

Kaishou kanryou! ...from Divine Wind Fin is the ultimate stereotypical angel in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne- dedicated to God, very cute/sweet, looks out for Maron, etc. She's got white wings, elfin features, and is a fraction of the size of a normal human. Fin is serious when it comes to work, but she seems pretty lighthearted at other times, and as Maron said, she's bossy and has a sweet tooth. ^_^ Of course, that's just the beginning of it all. But since this page is all about her, let's not rush into those little details quite yet. ^_^

She was sent to Earth to find the reincarnation of Jeanne d'Arc, who was Maron. That's how Kaitou Jeanne appeared- Fin told her about the demons, and a skeptic Maron went out and tried to do as Fin said. Fin is very dedicated to her mission- stealing demons and helping Maron. She gives Maron the ability to transform by "carrying her wishes to Jeanne d'Arc", and charges up Maron's rosary. She usually finds these demons ahead of time, sends out the notices for Jeanne, and talks to Jeanne through the Clare Petit. She can't approach demons directly, though, because they make her (and all angels- well, at least little ones) sick. When Jeanne seals a demon, she usually catches the piece, and the two make their escape.

Fin is a "juntenshi" at the beginning of the series- a sub-angel. Supposedly she's higher in rank than Access because she has white wings and lived a purer life. ^_^ This isn't very well-explained in the anime, though- the tenshi (angel) both act like they've never met before, but in the later episodes and in the manga, they know each other pretty well- they're friends (sorta) and Access already likes Fin quite a bit. She's doing this mission because God said that if they succeed, He'll promote her to a full-angel (seitenshi). Of course, that's just at the beginning, and Fin's real agenda is soon discovered. (There's also quite a gap here when comparing the manga and anime storylines, so I'll work on the anime version first and mention the manga one later.)

Her story

Fin and a demon? ...from Divine Wind When she was leaving for Earth, Fin was captured by the Devil and brainwashed into working for him. Access witnessed all of this, and went to God, then Earth, to stop her from doing something wrong. She was returned to her "angel self" and sent to Earth, and it wasn't until after Jeanne had collected all of the chess pieces (demons) that she began to show her demon self. (Access stole the Clare Petit, which contained the chess pieces, and when Fin went after him, her eyes turned red and scary (startling Access) and she hit him, sending him flying into the trees.) After that, she returned to Heaven (supposedly), leaving Maron to deal with Noin and Myst, who were out to kill her. Maron kept believing in Fin, even when the demons were desperate to kill her because of the arrival of someone they referred to as "Queen".

One day, when Chiaki was about to tell Maron the truth about the tenshi, Fin returned- accompanied by a host of demons. She announced that she was the mysterious Queen- right hand of the Devil himself. Maron was devastated to hear the truth, and it's then that Chiaki and Access reveal their tale (why Access came to Earth, why Chiaki became Sindbad). Evil Fin- or Queen (either name works) had taken the energy Jeanne had sealed to the Devil, and now he was stronger than God. She tells Maron how much she hated and despised her, and how she loved the Devil, then tries to destroy her.

Datenshi Fin?! Eventually Jeanne gets over Fin's betrayal, but decides she has to save Fin (and the world, for that matter- Queen's presence is like the beginning of the end of the world). Queen is *very* powerful- stronger than Jeanne, even- so although Jeanne and Chiaki were able to fight a horde of demons, only Jeanne's words were able to affect Fin. And when Maron became Jeanne without the use of the crucifix (the manga describes this as her "true" power), she touched Fin and managed to return her to her angel self. (she returns to a kawaii mini-angel)

The manga version is quite different- Fin went to Earth long before the plotline began, and somehow ended up killing a lot of people with her power. (o_O;; Fin did that?!) Anyway, God was a little upset with her, and banished her from Heaven. She was supposed to leave (and die) but the Devil tempted her by telling her she could live if she went to serve him- so she became a datenshi, a banished angel, because she loved Access and wanted to live to see him again. (I guess God never noticed that she became evil until Access told Him or something like that...) When it came time for her to find Jeanne, she was transformed back into her angel self- I think she was still conscious of being banished and all. The confrontation with Jeanne at the end it quite different, because I think the Devil himself shows up in the manga- Jeanne manages to kill him, but I think Fin took a fatal blow for the Devil because she loved him as well, and didn't want him to die alone. Here, God transforms her into a full-angel, and when she dies, she is reborn later as Natsumi, Chiaki's and Maron's daughter. ^_^

Fin and Others

Fin yelling at Access... ep. 6 Fin (or at least, good Fin) is really close to Maron- being the only one who knows that Maron is Jeanne probably brings her a whole lot closer than Miyako could get to Maron. I think she and Chiaki are the only ones that Maron really opens up to, although it's hard to tell because Fin vanishes in the later episodes. Fin and Access? Well, throughout the episodes, I just couldn't stop laughing whenever Fin and Access were together. I don't think Fin ever gave Access a chance for the most part, but it's pretty obvious from the beginning that Access's affection won't go unrewarded. I kind of got the impression that Fin liked Access more in the manga, but then again, the anime really focused on Maron, and things probably got lost in the conversion of manga to anime. *sigh*


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