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Maron is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc). She was apporached by Fin one day, and told that since she was Jeanne d'Arc's reincarnation, she had the ability to transform into Kaitou Jeanne (Mysterious Thief Jeanne) and seal the demons that had possessed beautiful objects in the world. Her parents are Koron (mother) and Takumi (father), both of whom are architects that left her when she was ten in order to work abroad. They support her financially, but Maron is left to fend for herself mentally. She lives alone in an apartment, across the hall from her best friend, Miyako. Miyako and her family sometimes take her in for dinner and special occasions, but Maron keeps everyone at a distance- Chiaki is the first and only person she has spoken to about her parents.

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