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Minazuki from the pic I love ^^;;

A page to Minazuki! I call him that because "Yamato" isn't used by anyone but his grandfather in the series; "Iinchou" is used a lot but it's more of his title, and Chiaki sometimes refers to him as "Minazuki" so I'm just following his example. ^^;; (yeah.... riiiight...) Anyway, Minazuki is the class president of Maron's class- he's a classic nerd, glasses and all, quite shy, and also in love with Maron. ^^;; After a while, he is kind of forced to give up his affection for Maron because of Miyako (who *definitely* wants to keep those two together), and in the manga, they end up paired up instead. (kawaii!)

Minazuki Yamato is never a major character in the animated series, but he does make a lot of appearances, and is even possessed- twice! So he's kind of special. Both possessions causes his "darker" side to come out- more handsome, confident, dashing, and *really* determined to get Maron. (He usually appears without his glasses) After the second possession, though, he gets a talk from Jeanne about... can't think of the word right now... courage... and vows to catch Sindbad for Maron. (Chiaki rolls his eyes at this, and Miyako's determined to make sure she catches Jeanne first!)

Some images:

^^;; Unfortunately, I don't quite have that many... if I go back and scan my artbook again, then I'll add some, or some borrowed ones...

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