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Ano... I wish I knew what he was saying...

Here's a section I decided to create to address a couple of issues that have been nagging me for a while...

  1. What happened in Heaven?
    I'm confused, because in the anime, I got the impression that Access and Fin didn't know each other prior to when they ran into each other for the first time in the show. But their relationship is kind of important because it's the whole reason for Sindbad's existence, and is just a little annoying to think about. But this one is mostly an opinion of mine, maybe I just didn't see it the same way.

  2. Did the plot change partway through the anime?
    I'm a bit curious about this, because there are times when a bunch of earlier inconsistencies can be explained by a change in plot. Maybe the manga wasn't complete when the producers started working on the anime? When Sindbad and Access are around, I *do* have the distinct impression that they're working for the Devil. I know, you're *supposed* to think that, but at times it seems like the animators were sure that they were the Devil's agents until, "Oops, I guess they're actually working for God after all! I guess we have to change all that from before!" Maybe there was just a sloppier transition from the "I think Sindbad is evil" phase to "Sindbad's actually a good guy!"

  3. What's with Chiaki's powers?
    Okay, in several episodes, Sindbad is stopped because he loses the pin in some way. Jeanne would tie him up and steal his pin (carnival episode), Access would lose the pin (piano episode), he drops it and can't recover it without being seen (Romeo and Juliet). Now, in the last episode, not only is he remarkably fast/strong without transforming into Sindbad, he's going around doing all sorts of things to Checkmate. What the heck?! Maybe God/Access gave him a few extra powers while we weren't looking- after all, it's not quite fair if Jeanne could seal all the larger demons and he couldn't. But the way he creates a few dozen pins to attack with annoyed the heck out of me, because that didn't quite make sense when comparing it to the rest of the series!

  4. Queen and King?
    In the manga, the final chess pieces- a king and queen- make sense, because Evil Fin (Queen) is defeated, along with the Devil (who would theoretically be the king). In the anime, the Devil is never shown- is the king piece supposed to be symbolically showing that the Devil was checkmated? Or is this Jeanne's powers being sealed? (She loses the rosary at the end, but gains the ability- even if temporary- to transform into Jeanne without it) But that's a little wierd, since Jeanne wasn't at all evil...

That's all for now. I guess I can add more later, but right now, that's all that comes to mind!!

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Created: 7/20/01
Last Updated: 7/26/01

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