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Miyako from the artbook

Toudaji Miyako is Maron's best friend and Kaitou Jeanne's worst enemy. What she doesn't know is that since Maron *is* Jeanne, which complicates things a bit ^^;; Since her father is the detective in charge of catching Jeanne/Sindbad (they're more worried about Jeanne though), and Miyako has earned the respect of her father's team (Haruta, Natsuda, Akita, Fuyuta) Miyako plays a major role in challenging Jeanne- as if trying to seal demons wasn't hard enough!

Miyako, determined to catch Jeanne! (or Chiaki ^_~) Miyako comes up with a lot of various ideas and traps, such as lights, decoys, restoring power, pits and nets, hiding the targets, etc. Jeanne knows that she's very tricky, and is highly suspicious when it comes to Miyako's plotting. Miyako usually has a bunch of "special" traps, which she calls a "Miyako Special (part... #)". For the heck of it, I've been trying to note what her "specials" are, but I've got to admit, Miyako is one scary opponent!

When she was a little kid (they show her with a similar hairstyle, she's just kawaii!) Miyako was often feared/disliked because she'd do strange things (without giving a reason) or boss people around... and so her actions often got her left out of groups by the rest of the kids. But as chibi-Maron (with the *cutest* Jeanne-ish hairstyle, even then) pointed out, Miyako was trying to help people- she pulled one girl's skirt because her underwear was showing, and slapped another person's hand to stop her from going down a slide that had wet paint all over it. So after Maron explained all of this, all the girls accepted Miyako into their group, and Miyako was... well, more or less stunned, because Maron was the only person who understood why she did things. Chibi-Maron even gave her a medal for all her hard work in trying to follow the rules and make sure everyone else did as well- this becomes important later on ^^;;

Miyako and Maron... from Divine Wind

Miyako is the last person you'd think of as needing a protector, but with her domineering nature, she's often misunderstood. When she was a bit older, she was put in charge of the class funds, but when they dissappeared, all the boys accused her of taking it. She turned to the girls, her friends, who believed she wouldn't have done anything bad with it- so would she please return it? (o_O;; Some friends!) That's when Maron interfered by punching the chalkboard to get everyone's attention and chiding everyone for accusing her... plus making her apologize for their accusations when the teacher later found the money. Sugoi, Maron! Miyako feels indebted to Maron for times like those, and envies Maron for being so strong (in spirit). She also feels bad because she can't help her with things like her parents, especially since Maron has never really spoken to her about them.

Miyako and Chiaki... from Divine Wind When Miyako first met Chiaki, she was all over him. Chiaki didn't seem to mind the attention that much, but since he was concentrating on Maron, Miyako kind of gets ignored/unappreciated for all her efforts. :( She's the first one who sees Chiaki's good qualities- or at least, *tries* to see them- and she's also the first on to notice/realize that Chiaki and Maron really have a thing for each other, even if they don't realize it. So, being a true friend, after realizing Chiaki didn't have feelings for her, she stepped aside and did her best to throw those two together instead. ^_^ This kind of leaves her feeling left out of Maron's life after a while, but as she put it, at least she could concentrate more on catching Jeanne ^_~ Plus, after a while, she has help catching the thieves- Minazuki Yamato (Iinchou) decides he wants to catch Sindbad after a while (either because it's a very ambitious goal, or Maron was interested in learning about Sindbad, or because he notices the obvious antagonism between him and Jeanne ^_~)

After a while, it's kind of obvious that they'll probably become a couple- Minazuki is kind, sweet, and intelligent, and best of all- he's (mostly) willing to follow Miyako's lead. Plus Miyako gives up on Chiaki, and Minazuki (forcibly, with Miyako's "help" ^^;;) gives up on Maron, so usually these "ex-es" tend to hook up and be happy. In the manga, Miyako and Minazuki do end up getting married in the future, and even having a child- Access's reincarnation (o_O;; That has GOT to be a handful).

Miyako making plans... ep. 7(?) Miyako doesn't know, for the longest time, that Maron is Jeanne. She does have these suspicions and dreams about it, though- but she refuses to believe it, and stands up against those who accuse Maron, because she wants to believe in Maron's innocence. Maron ends up transforming into Jeanne in front of Miyako when trying to save her from a demon- Miyako faints from the discovery, and is kidnapped by a demon. Queen talks to Miyako and tries to tempt her into hating Maron, but Miyako refuses to betray her until she is possessed by a demon and sent to kill Jeanne (to "free" Maron" is what she vaguely believes...). Jeanne saves her, and when Jeanne, Chiaki, and Access were about to continue on to the Ice Palace, Miyako wants to help, but is persuaded to remain behind and meet them when they return. (I guess "if" was dropped out of that... although I still wonder, does she make the connection that Chiaki is Sindbad? At that time?)

Miyako Special!
Usually a "Miyako Special" is announced just as the trap goes off, but if there are several things going on at once, it's a little tricky ^^;; I'll add these as I go through the summaries. Oh yeah, I'm not 100% sure that the "part #" corresponds with the episode number all the time, since I know that in later episodes, Miyako isn't always shown or doesn't have a trap ready, so...

Part 1Episode 1 Miyako launches a giant net from the balcony, just as Jeanne escapes in mid-air. Jeanne escapes by using her Rebound Ball to pull the middle of the net towards her (instead of the edges), stopping the net.
Part 2Episode 2 I'm not completely sure which one was the actual "Special" here. I think it was the whole hanging picture combined with the police. Jeanne uses her ball that people mistake for a bomb and escapes.
Part 3Episode 3 Miyako (with Minazuki's help) drops the curtain of the auditorium (along with a few poles) onto Jeanne. Jeanne only escapes with Sindbad's help...
Part 4Episode 4 Miyako has a secret net set up on the light in the room. It caught Jeanne, who managed to escape when Sindbad cut the net.
Part 5 Episode 5 Miyako gives EVERYONE a red safe like the one holding the Tear of the Aegean Sea. o_O;; The look on Sindbad's and Access's faces was enough to crack me up! Jeanne easily gets around this by disguising herself as the old lady who owns it, and taking it from Miyako before the real old lady shows up.
Part 6Episode 13 Miyako ordered Fuyuta to hide in the back of the truck in case Jeanne tried to take it, and the police had set up a bunch of roadblocks. Since the car started moving, Fuyuta had to help stop it, and Sindbad helped get rid of Fuyuta after
Part 7Episode 14 Blind smoke launcher! Miyako is holding a sort of missile-launcher and launches some smoke-missles that gets Jeanne to start coughing. (I don't think the intention was to actually hit Jeanne). Jeanne uses her rebound ball to knock the electical cords around Miyako, and Miyako calls it a truce when Jeanne walks away, leaving the dress.
Part 8Episode 17Lots of policemen surround the halls, buildings, and windows of the entire complex. Since Jeanne can't get around them without being caught, she stealthily threw the pin threw a whirling fan to hit the statue.
Part 9Episode 19 Crystal Spider! Miyako fills the hallway with an invisible thread that cuts through your skin when you struggle to get out. Jeanne pushes through anyway, leaving Miyako wondering why Jeanne's so determined.
Part 10Episode 23 Miyako fires a gun that launches a set of gymnastics pins connected by a string. The pins fly towards Jeanne and start looping around her and a tree, but Jeanne manages to escape by using her Rebound Ball to fly up and out before she could get hit.
Part 11Episode 23 Sleeping gas! Miyako gave the detective gas masks, and when Jeanne was in a room with sleeping gas, they ran in to arrest her. Jeanne managed to slip out and lock them into the room.
Part 13 (12?)Episode 27 ^_^ Miyako Special part 13! Operation everyone is a cop! o_O;; Miyako fills the stands with people who all turn out to be cops! Jeanne escapes by flying over the track with the help of some balloons.


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