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Myst snapping her fingers Myst is a pure demon that is sent by the Devil to kill Maron in episode 28. She may look like a cute little girl, but don't be fooled! She usually carries aroung a small candy box filled with little round candies. Of course, these "candies" are also lesser demons- she puts them into objects, where they possess people and turn them evil. What I find amusing? Sometimes she'll randomly chomp on them, either to increase her power (like in ep. 40) or simply because she's bored! o_O;; (That has to say something about the demon hierarchy...)

Myst appearing on a car Myst looks down on the "lesser" demons and all humans. She also thinks Jeanne is more of an annoyance than a threat- she simply goes after Jeanne and tries to kill her, while her partner Noin is much more subtle (and dangerous!). Although both Noin and Myst were sent (who knows, maybe Noin.... volunteered?) by the Devil, Myst doesn't work bery well with Noin and pretty much only tolerates him because he also wants to kill Jeanne. She doesn't like him much since he's just a human that sold his soul to the Devil, as opposed to being a full-fledged demon.

Checkmating the candybox The rook In the end, Noin betrays Myst by revealing her secret to Jeanne- than candy box is her source of power, and by checkmating the box, she was basically checkmating Myst. But Jeanne had mercy on her, and returned the crack candybox even though she'd already checkmated it. Myst took it and admitted defeat by saying that Queen would kill her (instead of Myst)... ^^;; Well, considering how earlier in that episode, Myst was quite upset about Queen stealing HER target, it's actually sort of a compliment.... right? Anyway, when Myst disappears (for the last time), she leaves behind a rook... the strongest piece Jeanne has gotten yet!

Myst chomping on candy Myst flying around Myst doesn't appear in the manga... my guess is that since they decided not to put in Silk (Noin's dragon-partner) then they replaced him with Myst? They both share the same child-like appearance in human form, except Silk just sounds cute, while Myst scares me ^^;;. But I have to admit, Myst *can* be really cute, too. I like her when she's in her half-demon form- wearing a cape and wings. She only looks like that occasionally, though.

More Myst Pictures!

These are different ways that Myst appears in the series...
A kawaii picture of Myst floating around Myst in semi-human form
Myst showing her power Myst in her full demonic form! Myst in her energy-form, after her body was supposedly destroyed

And more Myst...
Myst feeding Icarus candy The effect of Myst's candy Myst appearing on someone's back Myst and Kaitou Jeanne and Kaitou Sindbad

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