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Sindbad from the poster I like!

Kaitou Sindbad is Chiaki's alternate identity. He isn't really supposed to be the one sealing demons, but since Access gave him those powers, he has the ability to seal demons as well. In the beginning, he came in order to steal Jeanne's targets- he knew the truth about Fin, and decided that the best way to stop Jeanne from being misled was to simply take her targets. Unfortunately, since he wasn't particularly compassionate to the victims, Jeanne instantly disliked him, which increased her determination to defeat him. Access helps him the same way Fin helps Jeanne- find demons, send notice, and tells him where to go. Unfortunately, Access doesn't seem nearly as lucky/sharp as Fin is at finding demons (although there might be another reason for that) but he's quick to follow along whenever Fin sends notice!

Don't mess with Kaitou Sindbad! Sindbad usually uses a 3-pronged boomerang (I can't think of the right words right now, so I'll fix that later with the ones I'm looking for) to attack people/things- it's sharp enough to cut rope, shatter glass, head three different directions on one throw, and still come back to Sindbad. Very cool! Later in the series, he's often seen using a type of clear string/wire (not unlike Weiss Kreuz- Yohji's wire), which he uses to fight demons, stop their attacks, or seal demons (last episode). He uses only a single pin in the beginning of the series, which he doesn't seem to be able to materialize (like Jeanne does from her Petit Clare)- he has Access carry it around on his back, and when he drops it, then he's foiled for the evening. ^_^ Later in the series, though, he makes dozens appear in his hands and uses those to chase after the bigger demons- either someone gave him a power boost when we weren't looking, or Sindbad just wasn't trying hard enough in the first half of the series!

I'd go more into Sindbad's identity right now, but since my good friends/roommates are almost at the end of watching the series (one in particular, *ahem*, who will remain anonymous, has been trying to pry the end of the story out of me for weeks!) I'm a little reluctant to put any obvious spoilers in here since they know how to find my page! ^_^ So, more coming soon....

Some images:

Sindbad and Access together Can Sindbad pull off this theft?
Kawaii!  *heart stops* Screencap of Sindbad

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