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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Why I love it!

I wonder how much reward money you can get...?

So, why do I love Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne? Let me count the ways... ^_~

  1. The General Anime
    Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne has a lot of shoujo anime elements- cute antics, comedy, romance, etc. It's one of those anime where you kind of know what's going to happen (at the end)- you just don't know exactly how it's going to get there (what happens in the middle). The whole incident with Fin, and Access's mission- that whole thing just shook up my entire conception of the anime, and made me like it better. Although I have to say, I was hooked a bit before that, too. I started with just the first tape, and something in those first four episodes got me very hooked- shall we explore that next?
  2. Chiaki/Sindbad
    At first, I was just pretty sure I liked Chiaki- Well, actually, I kind of liked Sindbad more, the whole idea of him walking in and stealing Jeanne's targets was very interesting, especially when Fin raised the issue of Sindbad working for the Devil. ^_^ Only after I saw the next block of episodes- vol's 2-7 or so- I really started to like Chiaki (as his normal self). (Actually, I was a bit annoyed with him for being so cold-hearted in his missions, but when he started protecting Jeanne, and she'd tie him up/step on him anyway, then I started forgiving him. ^_^
  3. Access
    I don't think I really became obsessed with Access until the end, where he was really using his powers and stuff, and you find out the truth- I thought he was very cool there. Not that I didn't like him before- I guess I just didn't get much of a chance to see him at times! The other reason was that I might have "caught" the obsession after reading stuff off of websites- I know that one of the first places I visited right after finishing the series was Access Time, For Example, A Fish Swimming in a Sea Forest. (I waited because I didn't want any spoilers- good thing, too!) I think that after reading all about Access, and finding out about all the things they didn't cover in the anime, I think that's when I began liking him more. ^_~ Plus, he *is* a very cute character- how can you resist something like that?
  4. The Music
    At first, I didn't really think that much of KKJ music- I actually might not have gotten addicted if I hadn't seen the trailer for the 5th episode! (where there was a lot more Chiaki and Access ^^;;) So after I saw the first tape, I thought about it, and decided to get a few more volumes and see how it worked out (about 2-6 or so). Well, I definitely liked it by vol. 4, and I was so addicted by vol. 6 that it started my Jeanne *obsession*. ^^;; And along with that, the music just grew on me- I liked both the opening and ending, etc. Then came second season- at first I actually didn't like them as much, but when I (finally) saw the last few volumes of KKJ, I *definitely* loved the second opening (Dive Into Shine, by Lastier). It's just beautiful! It grew on me even more than the Weiss Kreuz music did, so that has to mean something! If you'd like, you can listen to a (very) brief clip of the music at my fun stuff page, although they're not meant to be samples, they're supposed to be part of a Windows desktop theme! ^^;;
  5. The Artwork
    Personally, I prefer the anime to the manga, but I usually do, only because I grew addicted to the anime first and aren't used to seeing manga-style ones at first. Not to say that the manga isn't good, though- there are some truly breathtaking pictures in there (and I'm not talking about scenes of sudden romance, either!) which are *really* impressive. I wasn't that fond of the artbook at first because it was mostly manga-drawn, but then I saw this one picture, and *poof* it becomes the picture on my index page. ^_^ Some of the pictures use symbolism, others are just cute- I loved the artbook after a while. (I'm like that- things need to grow on me. A friend claims that she showed me part of the KKJ manga about 3-4 years ago and I was like, "Whatever..." When I told her about this new anime I got obsessed with, she started laughing at me. ~_~* Okay, so I'm a little slow, alright? ^_^
  6. Other stuff
    Well, I guess there are a whole bunch of little here-and-there reasons why I like- love- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne- but that's all I feel like typing up right now. ^^;; Well, I'll come up with a few more later! Promise! (which usually equals months later...)

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