~Strength- Innocentia Inviolata~


Name: Hidaka Ken
Alias: Siberian
Birthday: December 23
Age: 18-19
Height: 175 cm. or 5' 7"
Blood Type: B
Flower: Gentian
Weapon: Claws

Ken used to be a pretty good soccer player (J-league), along with his good friend Kase. However, during one match, he was drugged and could not perform as well, and people suspected that he was throwing the game because he was gambling on it. Ken tried to clear his name, and one day his friend Kase said he had contacted some people who could help him. However, at this meeting, Ken was beaten and left to die in a burning warehouse... believing Kase dead, he vowed to clear his name and left his career as a soccer player to join Weiss.

Ken postcard!

Ken at the flowershop, smiling

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