~Verbrechen & Strafe~
Weiss Kreuz OAV, ep. 1-2

A bit for the Weiß Kreuz OAV: ~Verbrechen & Strafe~: Here's a scan of the artbook which is sort of like a film book- it shows the pictures from the first five minutes of the scene (like a trailer! ^_^)

Note: Start in the upper right corner, and read down, along the side of the page-ish. Then go to the upper left picture (with Ken) and then left, to the upper left corner, read the picture just to the right, and then read down, along the side of the page. It will make more sense that way (and I'm pretty sure that's now it goes, although I'll have to re-watch it to see!)

scenes from the OAV, ep. 1-2!

Still standing? Or vertical, for that matter? And yes, they ARE fighting each other... nearly gave me a heart attack... I'm usually not that shock-able, but the entire OAV had me wrapped up and anxious the entire time! I'll put up more (and better, hopefully!) pictures later on... In case you are wondering, this *is* a continuation of the series. I was desperately searching for that info before, and I was convinced that the OAV was going to take place in the past, and everyone was dead at the end of the series...

Where do I get it from?
To my knowledge, as of 6/1/01, Yurei to Watashi Anime has it, as the official distributor for Anime Sanitarium (the first subbers). There might be more by now (2/18/02), though, and if you have a Streamload account, ask me and I can beam the OAV's to you. As for future OAV episodes... well, I don't even know if they've even been aired in Japan yet! So it'll be a little wait, I suppose!

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