~The Last Judgement~


Name: Kudou Yohji
Alias: Balinese
Birthday: March 3
Age: 21-22
Height: 182 cm. or 5' 9"
Blood Type: AB
Flower: Cattalya
Weapon: Wire

Yohji was once a detective, along with his partner Asuka. They were both investigating the deaths of these girls, which lead them to a mysterious corporation called "Riotto" (Riot). While exploring Riotto, however, they were attacked by guards, and Yohji was injured during their escape. The two decided to split up, but the guards caught Asuka and killed her while Yohji looked on. This may have been the reason why Yohji joined Weiss, but that is still somewhat unclear. Later, he truly believed that one of the group known as "Schrient", Neu, was Asuka somehow brought back to life...

Yohji postcard!

A look of surprise A gentle smile

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