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Aya no Weiß kreuz Corner- A gorgeous shrine to Aya- has everything one can ask for!

The Giraffe's Sleeping Quarters- a nice site with wallpapers and stuff to drool over.

Mission 01: Weiss Kreuz- A nice page that covers all of WK.

Flowers for the Light: Weiß Kreuz- a kawaii page with a bit of everything.

The Caravan- see the Weiß Kreuz tarot!

The Weiss Kreuz Network- partly down for a while, but has a nice fanfic archive.

/beautiful alone/- Weiss Kreuz fanfiction.

Weiß: Florists By Day, Assasins By Night- I've always found this to be an amusing page!

the white pages- A very nice page about everyhing Weiß. (Also has a very nice "love chart" for fangirls...)

Endlessly Clear White- Information about the anime, manga, and other books.

White Cross- Access a page with good info and episode scripts.

Fanfiction.net- Fanfics of all kind here!

Streamload- a great place for file sharing.

These links are all correct as recently as they were put up... but if there are any that are incorrect, or you have a link of your own, please let me know. Thanks!

Last Updated: 3/4/02

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