Oy, minna-san! ^_^ Here's a small list of things I'm looking for. This list is actually for my personal reference, but if you just happen to have some of these things subtitled (in English) (and to my knowledge, they are *not* commercialized) then please e-mail me at Chereth@shadow-phoenix.net. I have some fansubs that I think are still legal for trading, and I might be able to trade other anime things (especially anything on my for sale page) if we can work things out. Anyway, thanks!

Last updated: 9/25/01

Things I'm Looking For:
Oh, I know, a lot of these aren't even out yet or are so recent that it's no big surprise I can't find anything!

  • Star Ocean EX fansubs (pretty deperate for this one...)
  • Ayashi no Ceres (just found out this was commercialized. No *wonder* I couldn't find it anywhere...)
  • Slayers Premium movie (when it comes out, at least after 12/01!)
  • Weiss Kreuz- the final chapter (when it comes out, at least after 1/02!)
  • X OAV and TV series (when it comes out... I don't know when!)