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A picture of Chiaki from a CD single

So, where do I start? Well, Chiaki shows up briefly in the first episode- he's just moved into his new apartment, and he had stacked a bunch of boxes in the main hallway (presumably to throw them out... eventually... ~_~;;). He's even wearing the white jacket and black shirt/pants that I like so much... *sighs happily* ^^;; Uh, anyway, Maron and Miyako were arguing about something, and when Miyako got annoyed enough, she punched the stack of boxes. And the boxes, of course, fell down on them. Then this handsome blue-haired boy walked up and picked up Miyako- then flattered both of them- but them pointed out the fact that he could see Maron's panties. That doesn't get them off to a very good start. ~_~;; Interestingly enough, when he shows up at school- in Maron and Miyako's class- Maron remembers him as the "panty man". ^_^

The mysterious thief... Kaitou Sindbad! But that isn't the end of Chiaki's role in the series. By the end of the first episode or two, you KNOW that he somehow knows who Maron- and/or Jeanne- really is. And in the third/fourth episode another kaitou shows up to steal Jeanne's targets- he calls himself Kaitou Sindbad, and throws black pins instead of Jeanne's white ones. Guess what? He has lightish blue hair, very familiar eyes, and apparently seems to work for the Devil. Well, he certainly doesn't deny it! And that definitely makes the story much more interesting, because Maron as Jeanne hates Sindbad's guts, and Maron as Maron... well, she *says* she hates Chiaki, but since this is shoujo anime, then you know that there will be more going on between them!

Sindbad and Access Chiaki is a bit flirty (big understatement there!), and seems to know how to get the entire female population to swoon in his wake. And Miyako is especially persistent- she really wants to win Chiaki's heart, and is glad that Maron (claims to) not care. But Chiaki seems to pay exceptional attention to Maron. That's probably because he knows who she is, and seems to be trying to unnerve her in some ways, but although he acts really dark and mysterious (behind that cheery exterior), he seems to be intrigued by her. He also likes to tease Maron quite a bit, like putting letters in her mailbox when he saw how often she checked her mail- kawaii!

Sindbad tends to be much more direct/ruthless in trying to checkmate- he breaks windows, attacks the officers, and even sets a house on fire in order to attain his goal! He defends himself by saying that if the demons win, then all of Earth will be destroyed. Of course, Jeanne doesn't quite agree with his rationale, so that makes her doubly determined to win! He travels around with a black angel named Access Time, who has the same role as Fin, except that he works for Access. Sindbad tends to help Jeanne avoid being captured, when that happens, but will do anything to checkmate (including throwing his pin at the same time she does, and stealing the target right from her fingers!).

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