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A Random Poll Question

What is Sindbad doing?

A Small Warning:

Oh yeah, if you're disturbed by any thoughts that may be remotely sexual in question, then you may want to turn back- this is just a random poll, all for fun, but some people may not like it, so I thought I ought to put up a warning just in case. (And there's nothing explicit or very bad in here, just FYI!)

Webmistress's Comment:

I think this poll has brought the most interesting responses I've ever seen! My friend who wanted this poll and myself are both very impressed (and amused) by the amount of comments and votes this poll has been getting! Oh yeah, if you do want this poster, go to Ebay and type in "Kamikaze Jeanne", then look at the posters that come up. (One person, who I believe goes under the e-bay name egigo, sells many anime posters, and I tend to check E-bay everyday looking for one particular Fin one ^^;;) (I wouldn't suggest bidding on tapes that people have been putting up though, that's just ripping people off, and you could get much better quality ones from Sachi's Distro. ^_^) Anyway, anyone from the "Chiaki is perfectly innocent" group want to comment? The only one I've heard giving any defense for him is my roommate! ^_~

The Story:

I got a poster off of E-Bay, and put it up on my room. It's gorgeous- it's the one which picture is up above. Now, everyone likes the poster- the only thing is that someone raised the question, "what exactly is Sindbad doing with his hand?" If you look kind of closely, you can trace the path of Jeanne's arms, and Sindbad's arms, and exactly where Sindbad's hand is. o_O;; (If you look at it one way, he's just holding her up in his arms. If you look at it the other way... well, Sindbad is holding Jeanne a little bit higher up there. *turns red* So, we thought it'd be interesting to put this up as a poll- where do you think his hand is? (And there's no bad feelings towards Chiaki either way- he is, after all, a playboy!)

Sorry if this was an embarrasing question... I was trying to keep this appropriate for all ages and all, and I didn't want anyone typing in porn words in Yahoo! to come up with this page by accident. ~_~* Anyway, please take this all in good humor, I love Chiaki as much as anyone, and I think it's a gorgeous pic either way. ^_^

Created: 9/10/01
Last Updated: 10/14/01

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