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This page will (eventually) have lots of random things- wallpapers, icons, Winamp skins, etc. Except that I don't have all that much yet ^^;; But I'll put up my meager offerings as they come along! It'll take a bit of time to get the sound clips for the rest of the themes, so... well, hey, at least it's a start!


A gorgeous picture!
Personally, I worship this picture- it's the wallpaper I use on my own computer. I had several issues scanning it, though- there was a line down the middle because it's a 2-page picture that I had to put together myself, and I couldn't get things to line up properly. Version one has a line at the bottom, but the picture's nearly perfect (especially up by Access ^_^). Version two doesn't have the line, but if you look closely at the bottom, it's not quite right. Personally, I'd just use version two, but it's up to you, and I don't have much else to do anyway ^^;;

Version One: Version Two:

Windows Theme (parts)/Sound Samples

I'm not sure if Tripod will allow me to upload an entire theme quite yet, but since I don't have all the parts together right now, then I'll try that later. Here's some Windows opening and closing sounds- you'll have to set them up yourself, since I don't have enough for a full theme yet. Download (select "Save As...", NOT "Run/Play file...". And remember where you save them to!) them to some folder on your hard drive, go to the Start Button, Settings, Control Panel, and then choose Sounds. Scroll down to Open Windows or Close Windows and select the sounds in the folder you downloaded them to. Oh yeah, please don't link these directly or steal them (ie, say that you made them)- the first annoys Tripod, and the second annoys me. ^_^ So please ask, if you're planning to use them on a webpage or something!

You can mix and match the sets if you'd like, but I'd advise against it only 'cause it makes more sense to have them as opening and ending themes! Oh yeah, the opening themes are a bit longer than the closing themes, but that's 'cause I figured computers take time to load... and the second opening's a little too long, but I like that clip, alright? ^^;;

Set One:

*Both of these are from the first season. ^_^

Set Two:

*Both of these are from the second season. ^_^

Also, if you'd like to hear the acoustic version of Till the End ~ Owari ni Ai wo, I uploaded it to my random-anime-mp3-section here. (It's gorgeous!)

Hmm... you know, if there's anyone out there who's good enough with image editing and has the time to patch up that picture so it looks better, then please give it a try, I've spend a few days working on putting that picture together, but it would take even longer to me to get rid of that gap (I want to paint it in, but I'd have to do it pixel-by-pixel on Paintbrush. That would be a yearlong project in itself, for me! If you actually manage to do it, let me know! I'd be very grateful!

I know this isn't much, but I haven't had much time to do image-editing lately- just doing scans takes long enough! Maybe once I get my new computer and stuff, I'll be able to... anyway, if you have anything you wouldn't mind sharing with others, let me know, and I'll link to it/put it up (with credit, of course!). Thanks!

Feel free to write me (Chereth) at Shrine mail and personal e-mail, please, I'm getting rather annoyed at being signed up for spam lists and porn mail, so it'd be gladly appreciated if you didn't use my e-mail address for that kind of stuff. ^_~ Adieu!

Created: 8/8/01
Last Updated: 12/5/01

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