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Since Weiß Kreuz is a whole lot shorter than Sailormoon Stars, I think I can manage to write up summaries for individual episodes. Besides, I was told that it was very difficult to find good summaries of Weiß Kreuz, so I thought it'd be better to do something new!

3/4/02: Wrote up episode 1 summary (finally) and put it up! I also redid the layout of the episodes. Hopefully now that I've got the layout down, I'll start writing more episodes... ^_^

Brief Summary
1. Lockvogel A girl grieves over the death of her boyfriend, who died in a tragic accident. But was it really an accident?
2. Fort Laufen
3. Paradies
4. Verrat
5. Schicksal
6. Fräulein
7. Entführen
8. Raubtier
9. Schreient
10. Bruder
11. Abkunft
12. Abschied
13. Bruch
14. Filiehen
15. Duell
16. Schatten
17. Kritiker
18. Schuld
19. Sehen
20. Recht
21. Trane
22. Miteid
23. Schraube
24. Zeremonie
25. Ende des weiß

These episode titles were taken from the film book... I believe that they are spelled right, but if they aren't, then please let me know! I also have translations of the episode titles, but I used Lycos to translate them, and it tried, it really did... Summaries were done from the fansubs, credit is given to them on each episode (since I don't really know who did what episode ^^;;).

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